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Emily (she/her) is proud to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Emily began her interpreting career in 2013 after completing a BA (Hons) degree in Interpreting BSL/English from the University of Wolverhampton. In 2017, Emily completed the SLI Advanced Diploma in Interpreting & Translation, and Registered with the NRCPD.


Throughout her career, Emily has enjoyed working in a variety of community settings across the South West, including education, employment and medical. Emily also has experience of events interpreting, such as Pride, and working online with clients across the UK.


Emily joined the Association of Sign Language Interpreters in 2013 and consequently participates in an extensive array of CPD activities. Through her voluntary work as Devon & Cornwall Training Representative (2016-2019), Devon & Cornwall Regional Representative (2018-2020) and ASLI Director (2018-2022), Emily is committed to regularly engaging with other interpreters and organisations, including professional supervision to develop her practice.




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