Exeter, Devon


Jim has worked with and alongside Deaf people since 1988 and qualified as a BSL/English interpreter in 2008. He is also a Doctor of Psychology and has benefited from practising exclusively within the Deaf Community.

He began in care work with deaf-blind adults where he first learned to sign, and developed his BSL through to Level 4 (now called Level 6) while at National Deaf Services. He is a full member of the Association of Sign Language Interpreters (ASLI) and is registered with the National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD). 

Jim has worked in primary and secondary schools, large and small private businesses, small GP surgeries and large hospitals, governor and trustee meetings, offices, and universities. He has worked with Deaf people of all ages: pre-schoolers, young children, adolescents and adults with and without additional difficulties.

He is confident and experienced working alongside Deaf and hearing people to facilitate effective communicating relationships.

Jim's background in Deafness, alongside his psychological expertise enables him to quickly understand the professional and/or social contexts of the interpreting role and quickly make the right decisions to maximise communication.



Phone|Text|Facetime: 07891 015 491