South Devon


Helen moved to Devon from SE London in the summer of 2017. Whilst in London, she interpreted for 15 years in a huge range of settings including: police, court, theatre, social services, medical, education, television and film, parliament, sexual health, employment, overseas (Russia), birth, online (10 years), blue chip companies, mental health, in people’s homes, weddings and more.

Her interpreting work has often been exciting and has taken her into 10 Downing Street, The Houses of Parliament, The BBC, Red Square Moscow, Trafalgar Square London, Canary Wharf, The Science Museum and many other famous places. Her favourite jobs are often in hospitals and schools, where the real life changing moments happen. 

Helen is especially at home working with Deaf people with limited language or understanding and she loves the challenge of explaining an abstract concept!

When not interpreting, Helen runs a social enterprise which aims to reduce maternal loneliness.

Helen lives in south Devon and is able to travel locally but, is currently only available within school hours.